BERLIN · with Weisser Wurf Jana Unmüssig continues her choreographic exploration of the pure movement in dance. what does the reduced movement of a body declare that a lifeless object cannot? four female dancers place movement fragments in space, the starting point is always the singular, subjective perception of the individual and of her body. without music or props, they reveal the pure moment. the present is slowed down. the perception is concentrated on the moment. under the spell of the exposed time, bodies, light and costumes develop maximum presence with minimal means.

supported by Theater Academy Helsinki.

the event is a part of Tanz Nacht Berlin 2012.

choreography: Jana Unmüssig

dance: Lisa Densem, Zoë Knights, Sofia Simola, Venke Sortland

costumes: Marei Löllmann

lighting & technical direction: Bruno Pocheron