BERLIN · New York based artist Amie Siegel will speak with Emanuele Guidi and Matthias Böttger on remaking and the uncanny role of architecture in her work, spanning films, photographs and installations at the Deutsches Architektur Zentrum.

ranging from photographs, video, film installations, and feature films for the cinema, the work of New York based artist Siegel re-orientates the fictions within documentary practices, often doubling back on history through the specific patterns of cinematic choreography and architecture.

in her multipart works for exhibition, Siegel takes seemingly disparate filmic elements, often derived in part from archives and her own filmed images, and arranges them in an accumulative constellation, a method of associative montage that, in her cinema films, unfolds and recurs subtly over time. these gradual gatherings within and between works suggest montage is a third thing that, as the artist has written, “unfolds in us”.

Deutsches Architektur Zentrum (facebook)

Köpenicker Straße 48-49

the talk with Amie Siegel begins at 20:00 in English, followed by Q&A with Emanuele Guidi and Matthias Böttger.