Supalife, a space of the contemporary screen print art scene, is proud to present some beautiful new work – objects made out of wood, glass & paper – collected, rearranged and painted by 44flavours.

in this exhibtion their work focuses on the theme of dialogue and misunderstandings, which are integral elements of our daily lives.

although we always long to be understood and strive for consensus, we also often have to deal with communication breakdown – misunderstandings, that sometimes lead to intense encounters. 44flavours used these entangled contradictions as fuel for this body of work.

failure can be seen as a chance to start over again, a constructive debate, and as a method to find new creative solutions. the selection of bright colors featured in the show, the playfully designed elements and typography represent a flexible, open-minded, cooperative attitude all around.

about 44flavours

44flavours is an art collective based in Kreuzberg – Berlin, consisting of Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle. their work showcases a high level of knowledge of the diverse fields of art, by incorporating and rearranging them to bring their own visions to life.

the collective is not only synonymous with the strangely beautiful exhibitions, which frequently sprout up all over Europe, but also with a cutting edge design Studio, which focuses on a very broad scope of graphic design, illustration and typography.