BERLIN · three times three perspectives break into fragments to tell the story of a city that marked the politics, aesthetics and philosophy in the last two centuries. three views that glide through three narrative procedures.

documentary photographs of Lena Szankay, Argentinian photographer who lived 19 years in Berlin. There she spent her youth, studied photograpy and discovered alternative ways of living. The unique records of the Love Parade 1997, the remnants of the wall that divided East with West in 1989 and the her impressions of these situations in Germany, have a central part in the exhibition.

years later, when the city was being rebuilt and glued back together, Paco Savio grabbed pieces of this iconic city, a city that can be anything but torn under a very strict concept, the Berlin of the 21st century. with his perpective the viewer discovers the secret of a contemporary city.

as a finishing touch, the show closes with a wall painting done by Jo Johannes, a visual artist who was never in Berlin but who had alwasy present in mind a memory processing for years: the famous kiss, a political and aesthetic act of graffiti painted on the real Berlin wall, the kiss that sealed a pact between Breznhev and Honecker, a kiss that looked a link dug for these three perspectives crossing time, their own and that of all those living in two different places very distant from eachother: Buenos Aires and Berlin.

Berlin is the great excuse, the only possible excuse.


OPENING at Popa Espacio de Arte