Intellectual Fight Club is back with a special winter event! Join us on Saturday, December 12th for the fourth time, as we open the gates and present ordinary people giving their all in the most demanding competition on our planet: a chessboxing fight!

It’s the last event of 2015, so you don’t want to miss it! We’ve got something big to celebrate. Chess Boxing Global CEO and Founder, Iepe Rubingh, is offering 1% equity of the company to any serious investor willing to fight him. And it could happen then and there!

Read our interview with Iepe here and join the Facebook event.
CHESSBOXING is a rare blend of contrasting skills. The athlete combines a powerful body with a sharp mind and rises above mindless muscle. In the ring, the fighter is fuelled by testosterone, adrenaline and skill, three minutes later he changes battlegrounds. Once again, 3 fights are scheduled. The fights are hard, the chess games are wild and, as always, the venue will be on fire! The bar will be open during and after the event.

Make sure to get your tickets online to save money and secure your entrance! Door tickets will be available for 20€. If you subscribe to our Newsletter, you will have the chance to win free tickets! We will be raffling off tickets over the next coming weeks.We are now in the soft launch phase of our equity crowdfunding campaign and are so excited for chessboxing fans to have the opportunity to join us on our quest for the smartest and toughest on the planet. This is better than owning a T-Shirt. You can actually own a piece of the chessboxing league! And that for as little as €10. If you are interested in investing, check out here for more information. Interested in training for chessboxing and/or taking part, as a fighter, at the next fight?

Send us a message or talk to the ring announcer at the event! Anybody who has been seriously training for 6 months gets a chance to prove him or herself. Training takes place at the first and oldest chessboxing club in the world.