Join us for yet another unique and exciting night as we open the gates and present ordinary people giving their all in the most demanding competition on our planet: a chessboxing fight!

As always, three fights are scheduled. The fights are hard, the chess games are wild and, as always, the venue will be on fire! Feel free to stick around for some drinks after the fights, the bar will be open late!

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Read the interview with the chessboxing founder Iepe Rubingh.

Chessboxing is a rare blend of contrasting skills. The athlete combines a powerful body with a sharp mind and rises above mindless muscle. In the ring, the fighter is fuelled by testosterone, adrenaline and skill, three minutes later he changes battlegrounds. A fight consists of 11 alternating rounds of chess and boxing.

· Each round lasts 3 minutes
· The 6 chess rounds comprise a total of 18 minutes, giving a total of 9 minutes on the clock for each player
· Fighters win: by knockout, by checkmate, by the judge’s decision, or if the opponent exceeds the time limit

As always, online tickets will most likely sell out so make sure to be quick! Door tickets will be available for 25€.

Interested in training for chessboxing and/or taking part, as a fighter, at the next fight?

Send a message or talk to the ring announcer at the event! Anybody who has been seriously training for 6 months gets a chance to prove him or herself. Training takes place at the first and oldest chessboxing club in the world.