BERLIN · newthinking & DMY International Design Festival Berlin with the support of Premselar are presenting symposium „Designing Business“ with open talks.

Design is the new way of doing business

this year’s symposium »Designing Business« reflects upon the relevance and current role of design in the context of contemporary economics. rather than providing a manual for building a successful start-up business, it is concerned with the potential of design and design thinking to shape economic and social processes. is design ›the new way of doing business‹? what trends and tendencies occur today? is it true that anybody can be a designer today?

in economic practice, design has become an integral means of solving complex problems, discovering new opportunities and developing sustainable strategic advantages. successful companies have increasingly turned to design, realizing the vital potential that designers’ methods and approaches offer to businesses in a challenging global context.

under the conditions of continuous change and increasing complexity that define today’s world, the rules that operate and regulate our society and economy change with great rapidity. against the dramatic backdrop of environmental disasters, demographic change and economic crisis it is becoming clear that the conventional means of conducting and operating »business« has become increasingly ineffective.

for this reason, it is important to conceive of new ways of thinking and acting, of analyzing problems and turning problems into opportunities. design and design methods play a central role when it comes to solving complex problems and creatively addressing the challenges of the present and future.

the symposium identifies current trends and tendencies and dicusses the tasks and potentials of design today. it analyses how design and its methods can help developing new ways of thinking or acting to intervene in economic and social processes. finally the symposium explores the implications for the design profession and discusses the opportunities and potential risks that are implied.

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