El DONNERSTAGSBAR es nuestro evento semanal de networking sólo para miembros, afiliados y amigos.

(english version below)

Dentro del DONNERSTAGSBAR diferentes miembros presentan, interpretan o discuten sus proyectos. A la vez, ocurre el networking mientras se disfruta de bebidas y la selección musical del DJ.

Deseamos que sea una noche inspiracional y con un networking verdaderamente personal.

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The DONNERSTAGSBAR is our weekly networking event for members, affiliates and friends only.

Within the DONNERSTAGSBAR different members present, perform or discuss their projects. And everybody networks while having some chilled drinks and listen to some good DJ-tunes.

Our special guest at this gathering is Onyx Ashanti, who has brought science fiction to life with ‘beatjazz’ - his term for his concoction of beat-driven, jazz and improvisation-informed experimental electronic music.
Using self-built electronics - a system that he’s constantly building upon - his first beatjazz controller was a three-way wireless network called the “exo- voice” worn on his hands and head, played not unlike a saxophone with a mouth unit, but with the freedom to move his hands in any direction. Read more in PLATOON REPORT.
We are looking forward to an inspirational and truly personal networking evening.
Onyx will perform in collaboration with ANTIGRAVITY, a very talented mexican music producer and maker running MDworkshop.Together they will approach the field of Music and 3D Printig.

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