Information exchange using the infrastructure of a city, includes the movement of people and goods, personal contact, interactions, telecommunication and visual input from the environment.

as with the information architecture of the brain and computers, the network has nodes, connections and interrelationships. At a higher level, people or groups, or groups of people, move from one function to another. Goods are moved, consumed, changed, combined, and created in a city. And exchanging information is cheaper than moving people and goods.

EDIAL DEKKER is a 26-year old guy who lives in Berlin and has a design studio called Your Neighbours. Together with Kamiel Blom, and his brother Floris, they focus on user interfaces, web design and complex data visualizations.

subnet.TALK is an open dialogue format. Subnet invites specialists and the interested to come together and discuss topics between technologies, netculture and society. SubnetTalk focuses on dialogue and community not instruction. For 2011 Subnet is planning 10 SubnetTalks on the last Thursday of the month.
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