BERLIN · this festival is tempted to make an effective break into our daily routine. Live Art projects, which meet us in the middle of our everyday life, interrupting the usual routine and putting us out of balance. are we ready to engage in extraordinary moments of exchange?

on 11.11.11 starts EXCHANGE RADICAL MOMENTS! Live Art Festival. all projects will take place across the European continent, simultaneously.

what is being exchanged?

ideas and projects dedicated to the (re-)activation, the inventive handling of public space.

experiences from sub-cultures, counter-cultures, from the social outbound (-cast) districts, the margins of society.

questions that characterize the urban utopia and “radical moments” that take place in and between encounters.

from telephone boxes being re-used as tree planters to street signs being used as musical instruments , the urban landscape is no longer the end of a creative process, but the beginning. the city has become source material and urban residents around the world are finding new uses for the existing infrastructure of their city.

find more alternate uses for urban objects and areas on
Urban Guide for Alternate Use

VOTING IS NOW TAKING PLACE FOR THE GO11 AWARD FOR URBAN ALTERNATE USE!! we have two PLATOON members in the final stage, give your support to IEPE's 'PAINTING REALITY' and/or Dida's 'F.I.T. (FREI INTERNATINALE TANKSTELLE) >> have a look and vote for who you think is the best. get your say now!!!!

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