Join us on Friday November 13th for "FACE2015: "THE INTERNET OF NOTHING" / The Soul of Connectedness - Venice to Venice", an interactive exhibition by Peter Shaw and Sameh Khalatbari to premiere in Berlin, Venice California and Venice Italy. The night will feature a live performance by Debora Petrina at PLATOON to be video broadcast in Los Angeles, Berkeley, Seoul and Barcelona.

FACE2015 is a New Media Artwork that displays face images in a 7x7 grid in a visual array through an ongoing global collaborative effort. The artwork engages the Internet as a vehicle to display the artwork on all Internet enabled web browsers on multiple platforms.

Singer, pianist, keyboard player, composer and dancer, Debora Petrina synthesizes in a visionary style her oblique and sensual songwriting, and the experimentations of avant-garde jazz-rock and electronics. As a 360-degrees artist, she goes from a solid preparation as a classical pianist, with world premières of contemporary music, to composition for different kinds of ensemble, to the particular use of voice and dance, also in improvisation.

She has collaborated with David Byrne, John Parish, Elliott Sharp, Sylvano Bussotti, Paolo Fresu, Jherek Bischoff. Her particular way to re-work songs of various genre led her to recompose one of John Cage's piece. The result is a new song called ''Roses of the Day'' which Edition Peters have published with the double name Cage/Petrina. 


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