Connect with young innovators from around the world and get inspired!

Questions welcome! Participants of the Berlin based Falling Walls Lab share an inquisitive mind and boundless enthusiasm for research. The Lab is an innovative forum for young researchers who share their ideas in front of a high-caliber jury in 3 minutes each.

A day before the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the walls that are meant to fall during the Lab on 8 November are of a different kind: they serve as a metaphor for what can be achieved by questioning the status quo in science and research in a combined, interdisciplinary effort.

There are many success stories taking place in and around the Lab, but the key to all of them is to interconnect. This year, our 100 finalists will rock the stage all day at the Lab and arrive at Platoon with their heads full of inspiring ideas! Meet the faces behind these ideas at the "After-Lab Meetup" hosted by the Falling Walls Lab and Platoon, and get talking about everything from artificial intelligence, to big data, to biomedicine, education, or sustainability.

Representatives of all walks of life come together to prove that we can achieve much more if we collaborate across the boundaries of our respective disciplines. Bring your own input and thoughts along and find other break-through thinkers to share them with!

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