GENEVA · The Mapping Festival is an international cultural event dedicated to VJing and its neighbouring disciplines, that is to say audiovisual art in the broadest sense of the word. created in 2005, the Mapping Festival is already in its eighth edition. year after year, it continues to attract a broader public and to put an emphasis on the most forefront artists while introducing their work and creations built of all kinds of new and innovative technologies.

The Mapping Festival has become a reference in VJing and audiovisual arts and is thus seen as a mainline communicator, bringing the newest, most innovative artists to the festival while remaining close to the larger public.

as the sole broadcasting space of this magnitude in Switzerland, the festival is now also recognised internationally as a experimental meeting space. considered as a real laboratory for the art, it encourages interaction between all stakeholders, promotes interactive exchanges and actively participates in the continuous development of the domain by establishing professional networks.

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