Gestalten is pleased to announce GOOD WEATHER, a solo show by berlin-based visual artist Sarah Illenberger, featuring a large selection of her three-dimensional illustrations alongside many of the original crafted objects. the show also coincides with the exclusive international pre-release of Sarah Illenberger, the artist’s first monograph.

a limited number of signed copies of our Sarah Illenberger monograph will be sold exclusively at Gestalten Space on this occasion.

meticulously created with analog handicraft instead of using a computer, Sarah Illenberger’s richly-detailed work opens up new perspectives on seemingly familiar, iconographically-charged forms and content. she expertly avoids imbuing her materials and subjects with artificial significance or forcing a meaning upon them. Instead, Illenberger’s penetrating creative eye reveals their true essence—one that has usually remained hidden just under the surface from our fleeting and routine everyday glances.

the opening is 18 august, 18:00 - 21:00 and the exhibition run until 11 september