GWANGJU · KUNSTHALLE GWANGJU is bringing to you a romantic and fantastic night right before christmas eve with jazz music as well as a media artist and dj at 8pm on december 23rd.

KYLE YOON, a young pianist from new york & KLANGBEUTEL will perform here for a warm and happy hour with a sweet blend of classical and jazzy tunes, including even a christmas carol.after that the media artist PPANS MACHINE (shin dowon) is expected to create a new space with his three-dimensional imaging utilizing the unique space of KHG. after that DJ BAGAGEE VIPHEX13, will perform a spectacular music video shoot style performance in the KHG.

we are sure that all this DJing & VJing will bring you into the right dynamic mood for a great party in the night. rock music and dance, mixed with techno sounds, sound art and video art will become like a fusion performance right here at the KHG. later this music video will be released to the public.




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