GWANGJU · ANDEATH who was a former art director of the fashion and culture company, ssamzie co., ltd, from 2006~2009, is now running a blog by the name of about what she wears at any given day since 2006.

from 2009 andeath has through this blog developed as series of fashion shows and she had her 3rd fashion show at KUNSTHALLE GWANGJU on september 2nd 2011.daily corder ANDEATH will introduce a variety of topics on the theme "survival" ("survival stuff" or "things struggling to survive") in the OPEN TALK. also she will show how her work affects her clothing habits by showing her works.

suggestion to visitors: bring any piece of your clothing that you would usually not wear in daily life as the design is not really to your liking (anymore). ANDEATH will show her new work using your clothing.

see the facebook event for more details.