On the 9th of October, for the 3rd time, we open the gates and present ordinary people giving their all in the most demanding competition existing on our planet: a chessboxing fight!

Chessboxing is a rare blend of contrasting skills. The athlete unites a powerful body with a sharp mind and rises above mindless muscle. In the ring, the fighter is fuelled by testosterone, adrenaline and skill, three minutes later he changes battle grounds.

Once again, 3 fights are scheduled. The fights are hard, the chess games are wild and, as always, the venue will be on fire!

Pre-Sale - 15,00 € (at Platoon and online)
Box office - 20,00 €

TICKETS: https://intellectualfightclub3.eventbrite.de


Supported by:
Dentallabor Barsties http://www.dentallaborbarsties.de/
Inovisco Mobile Media AG http://inovisco.com/
Faces VT http://facesvt.de/
BENLEE http://www.benlee.de/
REALGESTALT http://www.realgestalt.de/
PLATOON http://www.platoon.org/

Produced by: Chess Boxing Global

We are taking chessboxing to the next level. Our equity crowdfunding campaign will be launching soon. To pre-register, visit http://www.chessboxing-global.com/invest.

Join us on a quest for the smartest toughest (wo)man on the planet!

If you are interested in training for chessboxing and/or taking part, as a fighter, at the next fight please send us a message or talk to the ring announcer at the event! Anybody who has been seriously training for 6 months gets a chance to prove him or herself. Training takes place at the first and oldest chess boxing club in the world. www.chessboxingberlin.de