This upcoming Saturday, in many cities around the world, people will participate in the first ‘Global Open Data Hackathon’ ever. And together with the Open Knowledge Foundation, the Open Data Network and CouchDB, we will host a hackathon in Berlin. You can read more about the event on the website of the event, or continue reading here.

When, where?
December 4th (Saturday) from 09:30 – 18:00Adalbertstrasse 5, 10999 Berlin
update: @CO_UP will also offer their space for the Open Data Hackathon! They are one building next to us, at the Adalbertstrasse 6.


The goal is to make web applications, mash-ups, visualizations, apps (local apps or Apps for Development submissions), or anything else using open-data. You can also scrape data from government websites to make it available for others or create your own data catalog of government data. And most of all: we will have a lot of fun. There are some example projects too.

The event is for designers, journalists, hackers and anyone who’s interested into ‘making’ and improving existing government services (or creating new ones). While some attendees might be on an entry level, others will be more experienced. We want you to learn new things.


1. Make sure you sign-up here;
2. Bring your laptops, super phones, Arduino sets and laser swords;
3. It’s good to get a better idea of the data that is available and start thinking of a project you might want to work on. We will keep you updated by email if you’ve signed up for the event. If you can’t make it but still want to be updated with future events like this, contact us