this year at Donaufestival - The Expulsion into Paradise.

the story of the naked man, the naked woman, the serpent, and eating the forbidden fruit is generally considered to be the event that marks the beginning of the history of culture, or better said, of Western civilisation. today, we must admit that the “loss of innocence” and the subsequent “cultivation” of mankind should no longer be seen oh so positively. Our yearning for this magnificent nudist colony and an innocence of culture and civilisation is intensifying. But where is the paradise of our future? definitely not in the linear march along the “occidental road” to perdition, but also not in a bourgeois, naïve recoil into a hole in the ground. let’s chart the way together with our artists down the winding paths into their paradises…

explore the whole program with a lot of performances, art installations, films and music with artists like Oneohtrix Point Never, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, The Field, Chris Cunningham, Pantha du Prince, Hercules And Love Affair and many more… !

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