LEIPZIG · INVERS is an interdisciplinary creative platform aiming to promote and stimulate critical views and conscious working attitudes of designers. since 2009 it is offering annual experimental design workshops at places that are far off the usual working spaces, e.g. on a farm in the countryside.

this year INVERS is going to explore new ways of communication between music, design and art. there will be two workshops. at the annual summer workshop from 16th to 19th of august 2012 on an organic farm close to Chemnitz designers and musicians will work on joint projects to learn about the different approaches to the creative process. further details will be announced soon on the webpage.

beforehand INVERS will host a new format, called “Handwerken” and invites all music enthusiasts and creative people to join for a productive weekend in the Atelier of “Neues Schauspiel Leipzig” from the 29th to 30th of june.

the focus will be on generative design processes. BASALT — an international electronic music quintet accompanies the whole workshop and gives the musical starting point. three speakers provide intellectual stimulation by sharing their knowledge of the music creation process. after that, the participants will learn about analog and digital generative design tools and are taught programming techniques to deal with music.

in the end, there is a public live performance together with the musicians, that will take place on saturday the 30th of June 9pm in the “Neues Schauspiel Leipzig”.


WHERE: Atelier Neues Schauspiel, Lützner Str. 29, Leipzig 

WHEN: 29th to 30th of june 2012, start: friday, 11am, end: saturday, open end

INVITED: all Creatives (designers, artists, musicians, etc.), rudimentary programming skills (JavaScript, HTML) desired / you should not be afraid of programming

LANGUAGE: the lecture will be held in german, but the workshop is bilingual

COSTS: 60 euro p.p. + 5-10 euro for food per day

SLEEPING: not included, hostel rooms and couches can be arranged individually with a little help

REGISTRATION: you can register until 10th of june. write a short message with your name and motivation info@inversum.org