in the center of the international festival is a two-day symposium on 3rd and 5th may entitled "Survival of the Hippest?" - urban art and culture in Africa. it will include both intercultural exchange and project presentations. in addition to the symposium each evening there will be film screenings, concert and a DJ with musicians from Ghana, Zimbabwe, Cote d'Ivoire, France, Germany and Austria, as well as an international street soccer tournament.

symposium at MS Schönbrunn

"The Book Cafe - A Cultural and Political Hotspot in Harare" (Zimbabwe)

"About Kwani? – A Literary Network and Independent Publishing House in Kenya" (Kenya)

"Casting the Roots : Young African Linz/a?!" (Tansania)

"What’s Up in Mathare? – About the Media and Information Network Slum TV" (Kenya)

"A Designer Brand in a Developing Country – Challenges: Production / Marketing / Distribution" (Senegal)

"From Nothing to Something – How Hip Hop can create work in a poor country as Senegal" (Senegal)

film at MS Schönbrunn

Music by prudence

Native son

Mwansa the great

Stock town X South Africa

Cozo of Moni

A kind of paradise - 12 african stories

music at STWST/Café Strom

The Pipelines (Frankreich, Côte d'Ivoir)

Fokn Bois (Ghana)

Chirikure Chirikure (Zimbabwe)

DJ Georg Milz / Daladala Soundz (D)

DJ Zhao (China, D)

Tall A$$ Mo / Stand Up Comedian (Südafrika)

football at AEC Deck

canchas on deck - soccer internationale

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