Anand Zenz #6037 is a maker of objects that are presented on the wall, the floor, or projected and he will be exhibiting them for the first time!

these objects have texts embedded in them. there is a utilitarian element to his work, but what interests Zenz especially are the ontological texts. they are central to understanding the work. without them, the objects have no point.

as the viewer walks up to and within each piece in the exhibition, different layers of understanding are revealed. if the work is unseen, it is incomplete.

Anand Zenz a translation of heidegger’s observation, “questioning is the piety of thought.” runs across grundsatz, a doormat on the gallery floor. (‘grundsatz’ means ‘principle’ in german. it is from ‘grund’ for ‘ground’ and ‘satz’ for ‘sentence’. it also puns on heidegger’s name: ‘heide’ can mean ‘heathen’ or ‘heather’; and ‘egger’ is one who harrows the ground - the harrower of heathens.) "

"Zenz uses language to fire his own hatred, it may seem. yet, the result is far more reaching than this.” frieze relief is a stucco panel on the wall. its text is in relief across its surface, seemingly pushed through from the back.

it reads, “decoration only ever smothers the beauty of the inherent.” Anand Zenz lives and works in both london and berlin. he has shown his text-based work in the uk, the us and the netherlands. this will be his first exhibition at fred [london].