LONDON · TROLLEYBOOKS is turning ten years old and TROLLEYOLOGY is a book to celebrate our first decade and the achievements of all the remarkable photographers, artists and writers who have published with us, and the unique vision of the one man who made it all happen – Gigi Giannuzzi.

since september 2001, when he started with a shopping trolley full of books and wearing a red velvet suit, trolley has become synonymous with unique, beautiful and brave publications. 

sadly we began trolleyology when Gigi was diagnosed with cancer last summer, as a way to bring together all the amazing people we had worked with. 

Gigi saw the beginnings of trolleyology, and after his passing last christmas eve everyone has been busy working on bringing together never seen before material showing behind the scenes photos, interviews and writing which tell the story of trolley and Gigi.

check out the trolleyology kickstarter page to join in the final stages and help support the latest and very important addition to the trolley family! there are only a few more weeks till the book launches in Venice, the birthplace of trolley.

the backers of this project have the choice of many rad unique prizes that only trolley could deliver. from posters to signed book copies and limited edition prints. if the good karma vibes that come from supporting independent artist isn't enough, these prizes definitely are!

the deadline to support this project is fast approaching! don't miss out on supporting this worthy cause!