MANAMA · the pechakucha night is where people from different backgrounds share inspiring stories and experiences, present their creative work, and discuss different interesting topics with the crowd. 

the concept of pechakucha is devised by Klein Dytham Architecture in Tokyo. it is a casual event with a special 20x20 presentation format, with 20 slides each displayed for 20 seconds

presenters from different backgrounds present interesting topics such as: their creative work, experiences, hobbies, and anything else that can be put in a presentation.the day will start at 12 pm where red bull collective art and will take place on the outdoor terrace. 

collective art will give visitors the chance to be a part of a great work of art, which pieces together the creativity of individuals to try and
make the world’s largest, single, continuous piece.

PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin hosted an open-air pechakucha in 2009, you can read about that event here!