MILANO · OH SNAP! Plugger is having its Italian debut this thursday and it's with MTV!!

Plugger has created a new genre of a music. they create new music through beat re/generation and transform songs into PLUGS. 

a PLUG is the embodiment of everything a track once meant put into a contemporary setting. a PLUG requires the curator to completely sink and literally plug into the artist's mentality through an archive of records, books, and documentaries.

PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin hosted a Plugger show a few months ago and it was absolutely fantastic!

with their re/generated beats, fascinating Plugcloud, and their app that gave the audience the opportunity to participate in the show, they created an interactive and immersive environment that was so unforgettable they used the footage for their first music video

if you want to learn more about a band that is on the frontier of music check out the interview we had with them and don't forget to see them live at MTV brand new art!