WORLDWIDE · The Month of Performance Art–Berlin (MPA–B) is calling on all Berlin-based*performance art makers to join its month-long platform for independent performance art practices as CO-LABOURERS, and to work together on the organisation, administration and development of its 4th edition due in May 2014.

MPA–B’s new Co-labourer initiative, is an experiment in collaborative sustainability, community building and infra-activism. It strives to develop new frameworks and relations that can bring forth independent creative practices too often confined to the outer edge of cultural policy making and funding distribution. It aims to bond and bind together people interested in performance art and its role in contemporary society.

* The call is also open to non-Berlin based performance art makers on the condition that they have a Berlin-based collaborator who can assist them, work with them and represent them by proxy at the MPA-B monthly meetings.

deadline August 31st, 2013!