MONTREAL · Sight & Sound is an annual festival aimed at bringing together Canadian and international new media artists. the festival, currently in its fourth year, showcases the effort of sound and video artists, as well as other modes of digital production with a focus on live audio/visual performance, audio/visual installation and interactive system-based practices.

this edition the program will consist of performances, installations, discussions and workshops that investigate the theme of "systems of symmetry," seen as the complex networks which govern our actions and reactions virtually and offline. hoping to elicit a more visceral experience, the chosen projects will challenge the viewer to experience new media works in innovative ways. fifteen emerging and mid-career artists have been invited to participate by virtue of their creative capacity and their passion for experimentation within their chosen fields.

the festival aims to present performances and installations that experiment within the aesthetic and theoretical framework established by digital art festivals in Montreal and abroad and which nudge their way into new territory. Sight & Sound proposes an overall aesthetic of experience-based, intimate and unconventional work and embodies the ethos of eastern bloc: a space for experimentation, a springboard for new and innovative ideas, and a place where cutting edge art is presented in a dynamic, engaging, intimate, sensual way.