NEW YORK · the worlds leading conference on contemporary character design returns to nyc.

founded by Lars Denicke #5466 and Peter Thaler #5467, the PICTOPLASMA NYC CONFERENCE once more stages the world’s leading and largest celebration of contemporary character culture, with a dense, two day program of inspiring artist presentations, conference lectures, animation festival and performances! 

the event’s unique mix of screenings, talks, presentations and parties has proven to be immensely inspiring, while the lively exchange between the various disciplines highlights the importance of contemporary characters in today’s global visual understanding.

november’s disastrous events in the east coast area have forced us to postpone the originally planned dates of the 2012 conference to february 2013. however, pictoplasma and the whole team will for ever be thankful to all our local partners, involved speakers and attendees, who have agreed to make the conference happen as originally planned, albeit a few month later.all purchased registrations to the conference remain to be valid! 

online ticket registration still available!