NEW YORK · BDP (broken dimanche press) and gallery Gojkovic are proud to announce The LGB Group’s attendance at The Armory Show in New York. in collaboration with Gallery D.O.R., Brussels/Oslo, the first and last LGB invasion of North America will be staged on the twelfth anniversary of the group´s formation in Belgrade.

a history of the LGB Group, an eastern european neo-avant-garde collective from belgrade, serbia arosed in the turbulent environment of mid-1990s when dordje bojić,the leading figure of the movement and his friends, start to exhibit together an art inspired by everyday life in defiance to the hysterical nationalism all around them.

LGB Group will partake in the neo-relational experiment D.O.R. has devised especially for the Armory Show, where they will present contracts that hold the exclusive rights to produce a work made from descriptions outlined by the artists.
miloš lubarda will offer one last celebration of the group before officially disbanding it. this will take the form of a new work, created especially for the armory.

The LGB Group was always a travelling assortment of some of the brightest stars in Eastern and Central European art of the 1990s, continually transposing themselves from one capital city to another, bringing their art inspired by the nexus of the everydaylast quotidian, their last spectacle will be held in North America, in the land of plenty, where cultures of Dada, Zenitism as well as The LGB Group are all on-going paradigms, dreams that can’t be shaken off in the light of day, lives lived but which must ultimately come to an end.

A novel in three lines by John Holten
With LGB art from Darko Dragičević
Book creation: FUK Laboratories BerlinBroken
Dimanche Press special edition