OBERSTDORF · Emeli Theander aka Chin Chin #3318 is one among the artists who will take part in exhibition by Reydan Weiss Collection. Emeli was a former resident Artist at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Seoul.

the exhibition is the poetic and curiosity-provoking signature of an encounter inbetween cultures. the cultural exchange in general is a guarantor for a rich diversity of identity, so are the visual arts and craft their living ambassador. the Reydan Weiss Collection is feeling this intense experience of culture, globality and mobility. the exhibition is refering to the notion of the 3rd culture kids-phenomen, explaining the experiences of a new generation that was born, grown-up and is living inbetween cultures. the title "everywhere and nowhere," is according to the identity of this generation. in the search of identity and questioning the meaning of homeland the garden is composing a strong visual image. the garden takes in the tradition of Persian and Islamic mystical literature an important framework as "spiritual place", but the garden is also understood in a political sense as "exile", "independence" and "freedom".