PARIS · "new2" is the first show realized in the offline art exhibition format.

web based art works will be accessible via wireless network but disconnected from the internet. a high profile selection of 14 artists of various 'internet generations' - who are all working digitally and online - will present recent and new works. offline art: new2 is a group show all about files, versions and copies that questions the endless 'new' in our era of the daily remix on the internet. a digital file can be copied endlessly, without any loss of quality, and the web culture of nonstop creation, sharing and remixing of files has influenced a whole generation of artists.

over the last two decades, internet artists have been constantly and prolifically creating web-based works. often files are collected online, reused, recycled and remixed in varied and numerous ways.

what is the current state of net art and what happens when works are taken offline?? what is the correct format in which to show a piece of art in a gallery space that has only previously existed on the web? and what is the relationship between internet art and the ever-growing number of mobile devices?

offline art: new2 reflects recent discussions among artists and curators on how and if pieces should be available offline. all pieces in this show are browser based and at the same time only locally accessible. in the end it is the decision of each artist how and which version will also be available on the internet.

for this group show Aram Bartholl is experimenting with a new exhibition format.

participating artists:

Cory Arcangel

Kim Asendorf

Claude Closky

Constant Dullaart

Dragan Espenschied

Faith Holland


Olia Lialina

Jonas Lund

Evan Roth

Phil Thompson

Emilie Gervais

Sarah Weis