PERUGIA · with Camouflage, Palazzo Lucarini gets back on a touchy subject and an often misunderstood concept of "identity". this exhibition aims to put into question contemporary art as all the rhetoric in the year of celebrations for the Italian National Unity has now invaded the press, culture, politics, and in a word: public opinion.

the two artists, Mario Consiglio and Yonel Hidalgo Perez, focused on concrete aspects of the theme. starting with issues of daily living, their intervention has highlighted the existence of an unpublished social category that they are part of. we speak of a hybrid entity - born of migration for heterogeneous ways and motivations - that is an attitude problem against the context of reception.

therefore no longer only the '"immigrant" who passively aims to integrate, but the driving force of a culture that makes the contamination, necessarily, a new principle of identity.
In their case, it is very appropriate.