Join us for the special end of the year edition of Piano Bass Drum. To celebrate the emotional shades of winter and the closing of the year, we have invited Greek musician Hior Chronik to join forces with Danish video-artist Martin Stebbing to fill the room full of melancholic, and out of this world landscapes.

As opening act we present recently formed modern classic duo, Henrik José & Jonas Meyer.


Hior Chronik:

Born in Athens in 1974. His focus is on minimal ambient based mainly on piano, characterized by cinematography, melancholy, scattered notes and long melodies that form expressive engagements.

Henrik José & Jonas Meyer:

An electronic pop music producer from Sweden currently based in Berlin and Jonas Meyer (, an electronic musician from Osnabrück teamed up in a unique atmospheric and angelic sound voyagé. Their ambient modern classic set will hopefully inspire generations of dreams to come.

Martin Stebbing:

A Berlin based visual artist whose aesthetics are a contemporary approach to abstract visual realities. Cutting-edge technology and high-end rendering techniques are combined with custom software to break the rules of optical affinity. Martin has performed on several international festivals such as Movement, Detroit and Burning Man and is also involved with the 33TV display at Warschauer Brücke.



9 PM: Henrik José, Jonas Meyer (Sweden/Germany)

10 PM: Hior Chronik (Greece) Martin Stebbing (Danmark)


HOSTS & SUPPORT: Mandy Mozart, Thomas Prestin, triggerbangbang

* Come early and join us for casual drinks and intimate talks with the artists.