We are proud to invite you to the 2nd Shalom Salon's monthly event, showcasing new and inspiring piano dance music. This sonic experience is bringing back the oldest instrument in modern European music to the dance halls and clubs of the world.

See the video from PIANO*BASS*DRUM opening event.

The Piano * Bass * Drum nights are an outlet for creative minds, both in the fields of electronic and classical music, as well as a place for experimental modern piano technologies, and real-time composition.

For this month’s showcase, we welcome two highly-respected trailblazers in the this unique genre of piano/electronic hybrid:

♫ Reynold (Trenton Records)

♫ Mandy Mozart (Opener) (Shalom Salon)


Reynold is the electronic music project’s stage name of multi-instrumentalist Samuel Rouanet who developed a deep sound inspired by house music, Detroit techno and old school electro.

Reynold is the electronic music project’s stage name of Toulouse-born, Berlin-based musician Samuel Rouanet. As an active producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist, Samuel has over the past 15 years released tracks on many of the established electronic music labels including Persona, Souvenir, City Centre Office, Curle and his own imprint, Trenton Records. While traveling the globe and playing in clubs all across Europe, Asia and the Americas, he has developed a deep sound inspired by house music, Detroit techno and old school electro. Originally Samuel started playing violin and classical guitar at a conservatory at the age of 6. A few years later he switched to the electric guitar and started jamming with Jacques Rouanet, his father and renowned jazz musician. Together they release records as the band Kigo. With Phil Stumpf Samuel established the Minimal Dancin parties at the celebrated Nouveau Casino Club in Paris and ran the parties for eight years. Samuel is now working on the Eurotronics project, a collaboration with the French Embassy spreading electronic music culture and production know-how to countries across Eurasia and bringing musicians together. With already two LPs released on Trenton in collaboration with musicians from Kazakhstan and Belarus, the project continues its mission to move electronic music forward.

In addition, we welcome back Berlin based Mandy Mozart, to inspire with their experimental take on the traditional classical genre.

Both acts will blur the line between solo and collective jam, never limiting the the party. the aim to is to open both the performers and the audience to a universe of possibilities.



COVER: 10€



Piano & Bass is a PLATOON NETWORK event, promoting piano club music. The aim is to explore the possibilities of dance music for a new age - we believe in live music, and the power of performance.