Piano Bass Drum is an experimental music night set out to explore the potential of live piano in electronic dance music. The format works with real-time composition, and welcomes the likes of anyone with an open mind and willingness to experiment.

In Piano Bass Drum Volume 5 we are bringing together a very special group of people. Keren Dun, from the underground Tel Aviv label Raw Tapes and lead singer in the New Jazz band Büttering Trio - She is a being of boundless universes, no genre that she could master with the soulful deepness of her open heart. Her voice blends magically into down-beat Hip Hop grooves and psychedelic patterns.



Keren Dun (http://soundcloud.com/kerendun)

Born 86', Keren Dunietz aka KerenDun is a multi instrumentalist (percussion, saxophone and keys) singer/songwriter, a third of Buttering Trio as well as a Producer.

Keren brings the womanly vibez to the Raw Tapes family thru her solo project and her various cooperations with other artists (CohenBeats, Rejoicer, Echo, Sol Monk and more).

As a jazz student in the prestigious Thelma Yellin High School for Arts, Keren got a big range of influences that all come together in her productions.

Making her way from salsa and jazz music studies into the Israeli rock scene and then exploring the world of hip-hop and beats, her music seems like a head on collision of African rhythms with jazzy electronics, lots of percussion and soft synths.

Adding her vocals and story telling into all this creates the special atmosphere unique to KerenDun.

Always on the search, bringing new inspirations into her music, Keren is nowadays studying Indian music and exploring the world of eastern mythology.

read more: http://rawtapesrecords.com/welcome/artist/kerendun

Mandy Mozart (http://www.soundcloud.com/mandymozart)

This piano prodigy has arranged a wonderful crew of musicians to accompany their journey through sound. The performers will meet in a three days session prior to the event and work out interpretations of Keren’s work and Robert Schumann’s "Frauenliebe & Lieder”.

The crew is completed by two musicians with an omniversal attitude and an open mind for such an exploration. Both studied jazz at Franz-Liszt Music school in Weimar. This is also where they met Mandy Mozart to begin with and a very special solo-instrumentalist Thomas Prestin as part of the Piano Bass Drum core team.


Rahel Hutter (piano)

Wieland Jubelt (perc)

Thomas Prestin (flutes)


☆ triggerbangbang is providing a unique audio reactive LED tube installation. Their lightweight constructions are creating the atmosphere that melts the senses into the sound and architecture. The team from Stuttgart and Berlin is spearheaded by two honorable Weimar Bauhaus University alumni.

read more: https://www.facebook.com/pages/triggerbangbang/1466842953634555


DOORS: 8:00 PM

SHOW: 9:00 PM - 10:30 PM

(special fares available for students, refugees and unemployed lovers of the arts)


Piano Bass Drum is a PLATOON NETWORK event, promoting piano club music. the aim is to explore the possibilities of dance music for a new age - we believe in live music, and the power of performance.