PLATOON MEXICO CITY opens its new project space!


We invite you to take part in the re-opening of PLATOON MEXICO CITY at Edificio Humboldt: the new referent for creators in the city.

At our new project space we will support projects within the Año Dual Alemania-México and beyond, connecting the Mexican creative scene through Platoon - The Global Creative Alliance


For this occasion we have a selection of local Mexican artists:

OLY an emerging producer from the outskirts of the city, her sounds go from bass-chill to a more experimental landscape and even adds some reggaeton, making from her productions a statement of resistance and fight.

Practice is a Mexican producer represented by the avant-garde Mexico City label and collective ENSAMBLE. A pretty dark and deep hardware-based musician.

We are looking forward for celebrate with you!

Don’t forget to RSVP to MEXICO@PLATOON.ORG to be on the list. The entrance will be limited at times due to the capacity of our space.