BERLIN · let´s make sure the LAST REVOLUTION will be a mindblowing one. let's take the roof off of Gretchen club and show these mofos what time it is: it´s time for the last revolution.

a superspecial guest for this special occasion will come: ARAABMUZIK.

to some of you he may be known as one of the producers of alltime favourite hiphop collective DIPSET (he also delivered beats for people like BUSTA RHYMES, LUDACRIS or YOUNG JEEZY ) others may have seen or heard of his unbelievable skills with the MPC. he is one of the very few who can legitimately use the word LIVE to describe his performance of electronic music ranging from hiphop to dubstep and the outskirts of techno.

to queer things up we bring you SLAVA, and PARIS SUIT YOURSELF (djs) plus of course some tracks of SICK GIRLS with Alexandra Droener #5932. come and celebrate like there was no tomorrow. starts early!

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