SAAEBEÜCKEN · good friend of PLATOON Christoph Wermke's #105 latest film STOLZ DES OSTENS is showing as part of the Max Ophüls Preis Film Festival from JAN 16 - 22.

Wermke's film will shown on JAN 18 at 19:15, JAN 20 at 19:00, & JAN 22 at 17:30.

a summery from the Max Ophüls Preis Film Festival site:

'The eight-year-old Tobi lives with his mother Anne in a village in Brandenburg. Anne has rented her house this summer to a family from Berlin. She herself lives in a caravan in the garden, while Tobi has moved into his wigwam. For him, the holiday guests are unwelcome intruders in his kingdom. Julia, the young mother from Berlin, feels uncomfortable in the strange house. But her husband will not tolerate contradiction: he has long had his eye onthe pretty land lady.'