SÃO PAULO · Sónar São Paulo 2012 will take place on 11 and 12 of May, 2012 in the Parque Anhembi. the festival brings the philosophy of the Barcelona event to São Paulo. Sónar São Paulo 2012 combines showcases for new talent an experimentation with great shows and the audiovisual productions by key names on the international electronic scene. over 2 days, Sónar São Paulo 2012 will presentmore than 50 activities featuring advanced music and new media art, including concerts, DJ sets, audiovisual performances and professional activities.

confirmed artists:

Björk will be presenting the live version of “Biophilia”, one of her most ambitious projects to date, taking the aesthetic vision and interest in technology of the most namedropped and influential artist of the last two decades to its ultimate extreme.

also confirms the show by the French electro-rock duo Justice; the German-Japanese audiovisual collaboration between Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto; the biggest name in post-dubstep, Britain'sJ ames Blake; the sophisticated and eclectic British electronic artist Four Tet; the German techno-glitch-hop duo Modeselektor and the Swedish trip-hop quartet Little Dragon.

as well as a top level international line-up, Sónar São Paulo 2012 also presentsa cross-section of advanced music from Brazil, featuring rap, dance music, experimental music with anthropological touches and in the case of DJs, the latest trends in global electronica.

confirmed artists include the rapper Emicida, the man responsible for the revitalization of hip-hop in Brazil, and an artist with a unique talent for improvization; The Twelves, the Niterói duo renowned worldwide for their remixes in the international indie-dance field; Psilosamples, who combine Brazilian mining tradition with electronics; Dago, the global electronica DJ and Bruno Belluomini, the ambassador for bass music in Brazil, among others still to be confirmed.