the Schmiede is happy to announce that they are moving.

Berlin based Smiths - Ellinor Ljungkvist, Torsten Fischer, Thomas Mader and Marco Wedel - took the initiative to open a space for Smiths in Berlin.

we are very excited about this project and hope that other Smiths feel the same way.

First Opening March 4th 2011

the exhibition will present works from Designers, Writers, Painters, Dancers, Video Artist, Musicians and Visionaries, that have all participated in the 10 days long festival “Schmiede” in Hallein/Austria.

the exhibition will give an insight into the Schmiede festival and artists occupations. all in all it will be a presentation of works conducted by Smiths, past as well as current, in their final state.

more information on the Based in Berlin (SchmiedeProject page)

want to be part of this project? please contact exhibition{at}  or check WANTED