SEOUL · we bring back VAULT49 from NYC for another round for the past URBAN VOID left such a void at PLATOON SEOUL.

BEYOND ART NIGHT VOL. 2 is opening its doors on FRI 21 JUN until SAT 22 JUN night. with main artist group VAULT49 from NYC joining for live giant mural painting to silk screening to LIMITED EDITION VICTORIA SHOES collaboration, this creativity-oozing event is not to be missed!!!
also check out Korea's finest visual artist, LUMPENS's new project being launched at BEYOND ART NIGHT VOL. 2.

live mural art
live giant statue painting
live silk screen
live limited edition collaboration with VICTORIA SHOES.

+ dj party from 6 pm with SILK/JUICE
+ continuation with DJ CREW YMEA
+ MC PRHYME with LUCKY7 DRAW times!

join in on two full days of inspiration to become a part of the BEYOND ART story hosted by BEYOND CREATIVITY!

* free admission
* door open FRI @ 6 PM, SAT @ 11 AM ( NEW PLATOON breakfast served!!)