SEOUL · BISQUE RAGE is a nomadic-berserk-underground video bootcamp. over 50 of the best filmmakers will gather and produce the sickest movies for an entire day.

10 AM

warm up with two kick-ass lectures on "how do you stop giving a fuck and start making your own shit."

11:30 AM

the bootcamp begins. each team (1 director and 3 crew members) will have 7 hours to produce an experimental video piece. go in the street, film some hobos, do some illegal and funny acts (at your own risk), and don't forget to press the record button… *the bootcamp programs which start from 10 AM is only for BISQUE RAGE participants.

8 PM 

the riot starts. the public is now welcome to join us and rage for the entirenight. screening of the movies, live performances, VJ-ing, drinking, depravation and dendrochronology. all at one place, all in one night.



send a 170 character long note at to subscribe your team. tell us why you fit the bootcamp. 

link the best video you made so far. *additionally, for the teams that participate in BISQUE RAGE will be offered a SHOWCASE exhibition time at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE SEOUL.

participate and meet new people from diverse backgrounds yet with the same passion for videography. videography should never be such a serious thing, at least not on 16 MARCH. get your rage on, drink some red bull's, edit with your geek hat on, and then relieve all your stress at the party.

BISQUE RAGE will win.