SEOUL · the GLOBAL DESIGN TOURNAMENT Cut&Paste in 11 different cities in the world; this year in BERLIN and SEOUL!
the world’s only LIVE digital design tournament, CUT&PASTE is returning to seoul to celebrate its 2nd competition in south korea. 

PLATOON KUNSTSHALLE arranged and exerted great efforts as a host of CUT&PASTE and consequently held a successful CUT&PASTE 2010 last year for the first time in SOUTH KOREA. now, they are in process of hosting 2nd CUT&PASTE 2011 on 10th december.

CUT&PASTE draws public attention with its unique approach that is unheard of any other design competitions before. designers should get their works done on stage by the time appointed, which is a quite familiar scene from STARCRAFT tournament games. as the competition among designers grows fierce, this cut throat moment will be shown live on the screen for the audience. for them, it will not only be the moment of witnessing the talents and skills of designers but also cheering and supporting competitors at the same time.

you can apply as a designer for CUT&PASTE in 3 different parts: 2D, 3D and motion design. going through qualifiers and finals in your city and at last, one winner from each part will be selected. CUT&PASTE is the world's only LIVE digital design competition on stage. breaking down competitions into 2D, 3D and motion design, the final winners of each game will be picked out through qualifiers and finals. the winners who are qualified in 3 different competitions in each city will move onto the next round — GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP in new york city.

long awaited CUT&PASTE SEOUL 2011 tickets are on sale now!

early-bird 20,000 KRW / door 25000 KRW
you can purchase tickets in advance until MON, 5 DEC, 8 PM.

how to get tickets: 

please transfer the right amount of money to the account number given below and email us at with your name and contact number.we will get back to you via email as soon as your payment deposit is confirmed.

(wooribank: 1005-301-888970 / account holder: PLATOON)

on the event day, you will receive your wristband ticket at the door after confirming your name and contact details.

please note that we are not able to check the payment deposit on the weekend.
if you have any questions or need information about your payment deposit or procedure, contact us during the working hours.

booking & info: 02) 3447-1191

haemin kim /

CUT&PASTE official website: