SEOUL · hosted by KIM JUNGMAN and VEGA, EYES OF VEGA is a photo exhibition planned for the kids & the elderly suffering from eye damage.

EYES OF VEGA is comprised of photos taken from NOV 2012 till JAN 2013 by KIM JUNGMAN with the VEGA R3 smartphone camera. going around the nation, japan, and even china, there are landscape scenes, portraits, and still life's from KIM JUNGMAN's own studio. 

the photos go beyond a smartphone camera's ideal to showcase his true artist forms and notions. furthermore, with the significance of SEEING THE WORLD THROUGH THE EYES OF VEGA, all the proceeds form the sales of the photos will be given to the fund for the sick children & the elderly suffering from sight sickness.

1F - general exhibition of 46 total pieces
2F - special exhibition of 4 total larger (120 x 180cm) pieces


VEGA CURATOR - rent the VEGA CURATOR at the information desk by giving your id card as deposit. with the VEGA CURATOR, you can experience an enhanced version of the exhibition.

MEET THE ARTIST - SAT 2 FEB from 2 to 4 pm. a special talk by the photographer, KIM JUNGMAN plus a Q&A.
*for more info on participation, please ask either the information desk @ PLATOON or check out VEGA EVENT SITE.