SEOUL · SALON REVOLUTIONÄR presents its third experimental total art performance at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE. it is a new kind of stage performance, combining the elements of RPG (ROLE PLAYING GAME) with modern dance, media arts, big games and projection mapping. you can witness the answer and interpretation that the god, the human being, the city are reflected from the shapes being different one from another with the question: is self-choice indeed manifested with one's desire?

director: choi jaesun / producer: kim taewon / dancer: kim eunji / media artist: park jeonghyun / sound artist: jeong youngkyun

ticket price: 25,000won (one free drink included)

how to get tickets: please transfer the right amount of money to the account number given below and email us to with your name and contact number.

(kookmin bank: 096302-04-123658

bank account holder: kim beetna)

booking tickets & more info: or 02 3447-1191~7