at the showcase reboot vol.13 the artist will present themselves and their work, giving the visitors the chance to have deep insights into the exhibition.

the four showcase artists:
uros sanjevic is a serbian artist whose works can be read as sharp observations of his social environment. the installation "the seven sins: pride, envy, anger, sloth, gluttony, avarice, lechery" is dealing with the contradiction of ideal and real christian values.

re:bot is a project group that works on designing robots with an emphasis robot-human interaction. at this showcase reboot she will present mung and ra-i, a language purifier robot and an emotional robot. what that means can be found out in direct interaction with the robots.

jaycy is a b-boy and painter whose works deal with hip hop culture. a closer look reveals that his works are actually fantasies about hip hop culture, reflecting the gap between old school hip hop from new york and a korean hip hop fan in the present.

choo min he is an artist interested in the intersection between art and cognitive science. while working on a project in the psychiatry she generated works that deal with shifted perceptions at the margins of what is considered the field of 'normal' subjectivities.

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