BERLIN · STATTMEDIA GAME CONTEST brings the games world onto the big stage of Stattbad for a night, where fun, direct interaction with massive controllers and DJing merge together into an innovative melting pot.

INTERACTIVE PLAYGROUND (S.Francisco, USA) games running on 02L Unita' Zero

from 20:00 the games run for visitors to play and to vote for the best.

the night will gently slide into the DJ sessions with

Gayle San (GSR/SWR/KTR)

Shaidon Effect (STATTMEDIA)


Mark Morris (KTR/SRW/GSR)

Viktoria Rebeka (FRUCHT/DIVIDED)

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more information about the EGP contest.

check also the roundup, with the 48 games showcased.

STATTMEDIA is a project about new media. currently building up an interdisciplinary group of talented people, it aims to propose interactivity and unusual entertainment models to partymongers. born and based in Stattbad, Berlin, Stattmedia wants to reinvent the fun factor for all its faithful followers.