STOCKHOLM · supermarket, the international art fair created and managed by artists where hundreds of artists from over 30 different countries show the most innovative art in the world.

for the fourth year in row, supermarket will occupy kulturhuset for a couple of happy days in mid-february to showcase paintings, videos, sculptures, performance art, and a lot more from hundreds of artists, 87 artist-run galleries and initives from over 30 countries.

this year's theme - happiness - examines the degree of success of the artist-run scene and its artists.

the artist-run galleries come from: albania, argentina, australia, austria, belarus, belgium, bosnia and herzegovina, canada, the czech republic, denmark, egypt, finland, france, germany, greece, hungary, iraq, latvia, morocco, mozambique, the netherlands, norway, new zealand, poland, portugal, switzerland, serbia, singapore, slovakia, spain, sudan, sweden, south africa, south korea, the united states and vietnam..

weekend pass + catalogue sek 200. 

admission + catalogue sek 160 (sek 120 for students/oaps). 

admission sek 120. 

catalogue sek 90.

free under age 16.