THE WARDROBE is a curated line-up of Berlin’s top fashionistas, designers and style guru’s. As we fully embrace the spring season and possibly even a rainy, yet mild April, we invite you to join us under our umbrella to experience the night clothing market and find your rainbow in amongst the colourful selection of fresh pieces and new creations for your wardrobe.

With a wonderfully vibrant mix of sellers, hairdressers, DJs, street food and plenty of good vibes, THE WARDROBE is the perfect way to kick off your Saturday night adventures in pure style.


Ingrid Stern / 2dós Accessoires
Diego S. Pontecorvo / SAY IT
Jihane Marie Guillemin
Gisela Schreiner /
Nina & Lisa Engelhardt / LEagua
Wild Pig
Tabea & Ottokar Lehrner /
Maora Planet Orfea
Marcello Passaro / Just Landed
Fabricio Indycki /
Mica & Honey & Polly / PLATOON


Maora Planet Orfea


Stephanie's - sweet and beautiful cakes & cupcakes


Judith Lgr hairdresser

WARDROBE / START: 18.00. END: 24.00. ENTRANCE: 2€