Las sesiones THINK TANK son un ambiente informal de creativos para encontrarse, compartir ideas, conocimiento y presentar sus últimos proyectos. Cada sesión explorará un tema diferente invitando huéspedes profesionales de The Global Creative Alliance.

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The THINK TANK sessions is an informal environment for creatives to meet and share ideas, knowledge and present their latest projects. Each session we will explore a different theme by inviting guest professionals from The Global Creative Alliance.

This time Onyx Ashanti will give a workshop about:

"How and why you should make your own 3D printer"

Going from playing saxophone in a small town marching band to creating his own instruments to be a one-man band, Onyx Ashanti has brought science fiction to life with ‘beatjazz’ - his term for his concoction of beat-driven, jazz and improvisation-informed experimental electronic music.

Using self-built electronics - a system that he’s constantly building upon - his first beatjazz controller was a three-way wireless network called the “exo- voice” worn on his hands and head, played not unlike a saxophone with a mouth unit, but with the freedom to move his hands in any direction. Read more in PLATOON REPORT.